The following are the project deliverables for Kingfisher Helisking, including planning documents, 3x video edits, image gallery and social posts.

  1. VIDEO Features & Commercial

After a three-day shoot at Kingfisher Heliskiing we executed three video features (3 mins, 2 mins and 30-sec commercial) to be used by Kingfisher for marketing & promotional purposes for the balance of the 2019 ski season. The 3 minute feature story is intended to be an inspirational narrative which follows the pursuits of a wealthy businessman and active storm watcher who (Kingfisher target clientele) follows his interest to the Monashees. The 2 minute edit is the same storyline but focuses on the skiing aspects, while the 30-second edit is a narrated perspective intended for commercial usage.


2. Travel Story & Image Gallery

As part of the deliverables we produced a travel feature which we posted on our web and social channels within 5 days of the shoot. The feature has a focus on the experience of the production crew, the skiing and snow quality and the amenities at the Predator Ridge venues.

3. Social Media Sponsored Posts

Over the course of two weeks following the shoot, we posted all of the media deliverables on our social channels (personal channels and via Fresh Air Productions.

4. Storyboarding & Planning documents

After consultation with the client and understanding the marketing needs and interests we produced a storyboard, along with a Shot List to ensure the client was aware of the flow of production.