The media world is constantly changing and becoming increasingly diversified. Our talented team – ranging from print editors & writers to cinematographers and producers we have the range of skills to execute any media project. Below is a skeleton workflow for producing an issue.


Project scope

Our first goal is to determine the scope of the job. Is this a video only project? New print title, re-brand or an existing in-market publication?  Will it be a bilingual magazine? What is the distribution goal?


Production planning

Based on the outcomes of the project scope, we will create a
plan to cover all aspects of the media project, which means you
won't waste time outsourcing any
of the tasks.

Advertising sales

From video, network TV, print and digital advertising, we offer services
for media sales for all categories to enable the project goals to not only realized but also to connect brands to good content.

Production timing 

This is the engine of a successful production. Deadlines and scheduling. But don't worry,
we take care of the work-flow planning ... and we love it. 



A fancy word for workflow and effective planning, the storyboarding is crucial as it holds the team together and outlines the workflow from beginning to end.


FAP can manage all media assignments, storyboarding and content development from A to Z. Content is King.

Review & sign-off 

This is the fun part ... you get to see the fruits of our labour and your brand in lights!




FAP can manage the connection to the networks, printers and facilitate the distribution.



Here's the fun part. Getting it out to the masses. Direct mail via Canada Post, bulk circulation, event distribution. We can help with logistics and data management support. 

Digital & Mobile Solutions

Magazines are not just paper products. Digital magazines are the future and we have our finger on the pulse with the best means to create and distribute. 

Debriefing (production & editorial) 

We meet with our client at the completion of the issue to discuss content, process, feedback and to identify best practices.