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HOG® Magazine

client: Harley-Owners Group® of Canada

Fresh Air has managed the editorial, production and advertising sales for Harley-Davidson's HOG® Magazine Canada since 2011. 

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client: S-Media / Golf Town

Under the direction of Gordie Bowles, S-Media launched a new title for Golf Town in Spring 2018. The goal was to present vibrant golf-related products to a targeted audience in Canada, to further establish GT's brand awareness and product knowledge within the golf community.

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Health GUIDE

client: InspireHealth

The Guide to Supportive Cancer Care is Inspire Health's premier printed book that is offered to its members, covering the range of service and support levels. Fresh Air was the creative agency for Inspire Health from 2016-2017.

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SRC Magazine

For over six years, SRC Magazine was the largest printed snowsports magazine in Canada, reaching ski enthusiasts through membership of provincial and national ski associations.

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Starting gate: AOA

The official magazine of Alpine Ontario for many years, StartingGate was produced and published as a collaborative effort with the provincial ski association.


client: Snowsports Media Inc.

S-Magazine is owned and published by S-Media. Fresh Air managed the editorial, production and layout of S-Magazine from 2011-2018.

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client: Independent

BLOCK MAGAZINE is a 2018 new title launch, focussing on comprehensive coverage and insight into the blockchain technology and the digital currency industry. The magazine presents a clear picture of the framework and educates, informs & enables entrepreneurs and innovators.

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client: Indochino

Monogram features fashion, lifestyle, tech and culinary stories to support the brand and style of Indochino, a global made-to-tailor custom suit company for men. It was made available for in-store customers at Indochino. 

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ALTA GAS: Olympic edition

In the lead up to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, snowsports sponsor Alta Gas was seeking a way to connect and rally their community to support the athletes.

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This short 16-page snowsports competition guide served as a physical insert into S-Magazine from 2011–2015, and was aimed at providing Olympic and World Cup news and in-depth features.



client: Inspire Health

Inspired Cooking features an all-star cast of chefs, journalists, nutritionists and healthcare providers. Fresh Air produced this storytelling cookbook from front to back.

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client: Tennis BC

Fresh Air managed and executed a successful
refresh and rebrand of this member quarterly magazine; sent to the members of Tennis BC. The content ranged from regional, national and city tennis events and athlete profiles. The magazine was a member benefit to all tennis clubs and active members in BC.

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client: Alpine Canada Alpin

Young Guns is a fundraising program for the Canadian national development team. Fresh Air provided the marketing concept and creative behind this program that was a part of the Podium Club for Alpine Canada.

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on snow magazine

S-Media was contracted by former ski and sports retailer Tommy & Lefebvre to produce a magazine that would inspire their customers. Gordie Bowles of Fresh Air was the editor and project manager.